Welcome to Beech Mountain, eastern America's highest town (elevation 5506 feet), where you can follow the route of Lance Armstrong and the Tour Du Pont or enjoy 50 miles of great riding on the town's road bike routes. Beech is a bikers mountain offering something for everyone.

Emerald Outback Is Now Open!
The town of Beech Mountain is pleased to offer you the addition of the
new Adventure Trail Park . The trail network is a series of trails
on both public and private land, maintained by the Town of Beech
Mountain, that includes single track, double track, technical downhill
runs, free ride areas, fire roads, and old unmaintained gravel roads. All
trails have been designed by hikers, bikers, and trail runners to better
meet the needs of such outdoor enthusiasts. For bikers, over 6+ miles of
single track, and more to come, gives you the east coast’s highest single
track cross country trail network with all 6+ miles nestled above 5,100 ft.
Take into account an average high temperature of 72 degrees in July and
August and you have a perfect summer training ground! The trails also
provide for a fun, rolling and long descent from altitudes of 5,400 ft.
down to the bottom of falls trail loop at 3,200 ft. That’s right, potentially
2,200 ft. of elevation change that meanders through high mountain
balds, across scenic overlooks, rolls through untouched forest land, and
finishes in the gorgeous 65 acre Buckeye Lake Recreation area. Starting
from a variety of access points, you can also ascend Beech Mountain to
it’s Pinnacle for a gorgeous climb. Take it a step further and you can
loop this trip from either top or bottom for a cumulative 18+ mile trip.
Whether your sport is winter or summer geared, or if you are a competitive athlete or simply a family looking for a gorgeous stroll, the Beech
Mountain Adventure Trail Park can most definitely accommodate your

Click here for more information and a map

Annually, hundreds of bikers ascend the south side of the mountain from Banner Elk to the site of the Tour Du Pont finish line. A climb in elevation of 1400 feet in three and half miles, the Beech Mountain Parkway offers a great route most of the year.

Once on Beech, a variety of great biking awaits you with the town's 51.20 miles of paved bike routes. All routes begin at the visitors center, adjacent to the town hall.

You will retrace routes used by Lance Armstrong when he trained on the mountain. While most routes are through residential neighborhoods, others will take you by Buckeye Lake and the town's new recreation center. Traffic is usually minimal and Beech's 25 mph speed limit is a positive for cyclists.

Rory, Gwyen and Olivia EllingtonIf you live close by and can ride up for a day, Beech can offer cool summertime temperatures (72 degrees is our usual high in June through August), beautiful views and great riding.

If you would like to come 
up for a weekend or more, the Chamber of Commerce (828-387-9283 or www.beechmtn.com) can help you plan overnight accommodations and dining suggestions.

For a short ride, a great hill climb, or a weekend of biking . . . Come on up to Beech!